Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 21 Weeks

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 {20 weeks 5 days. A picture of a picture, of course. But seriously, how SWEET?!}

Y'all, I am still sick. Which is why there is no bump picture and this post is going up a day late. Every time I think I'm starting to feel better, I just start feeling bad again. It's like the cough that never ends. It's seriously driving me crazy!

Anyways, on a more beautiful note. How precious is our sweet baby boy?! We had our 20 week anatomy scan on Monday and he looks perfect. He's weighing in at 14 ounces which is 2 more than the normal for his age. We are so so grateful to God for our precious miracle. This picture above is the best one we could get of his face. He's already as stubborn as his Mama, and just did not want to move for us to get a better one. My heart is so full.

Weight Gained: Luckily, I was little off by my weight gain and I'm only up about 9 pounds. Again, I'm at the point where I'm not concerned either way, but it does make me feel a little better.
Symptoms: Still can't stop peeing. Itchy skin. My gums are so swollen it feels like I have food stuck between my teeth which is the craziest thing! I have floaters in my eyes. At least twice a day I will think I see a spider crawling or a bug flying but there's nothing there. My doctor says it's totally normal.

Movement: This kid is kicking my butt. Or should I say constantly head butting my bladder? His kicks are getting so hard that sometimes that hurt or almost take my breath away! Either way it makes my heart flutter every time and it's so fun to watch!

Food Aversions: Actually nothing right now. At least not that I can think of!

Food Cravings: Chick Fil A fries. Brownies and ice cream. Steel cut oatmeal. Black beans + brown rice mixed together. Right now I really want a cherry smoothie but I know drinking it wouldn't help this cough.

Sleep: Being sick doesn't help things much on this end. If I could just STOP COUGHING, I might actually be able to keep some of my sanity. 

Maternity Clothes?: None. Still living in leggings and oversized sweaters. I have found a few dresses I plan on ordering over the next few weeks from ASOS and Pink Blush Maternity. {Basically the exact same as last week!}

Stretch Marks?: Nada.

Miss Anything?: Still Ahi Tuna and Red Wine. Ironically I feel like these are two of my biggest cravings. I think that's just my defiant personality. I always want what I can't have, haha.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing new, but we did choose all of our furniture over the weekend. We wanted to wait until our 20 week appointment to make sure everything was progressing smoothly before we made any big purchases.

Looking Forward To: Registering! I put a status on my personal Facebook and got a lot of feedback but if anyone of you have any baby registry MUST-HAVES, please let me know. I welcome any feedback!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 20 Weeks

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 Top: Express | Leggings: Nordstrom | Earrings: Kendra Scott c/o Rocksbox {use code amandasumnerxoxo for your first month free!} Also, I won't lie. I only put this top on for this picture. I got in my joggers and headed to our small group right after we took this. I'm glad these people love me for me.

Ahhhh, we're half way there! I'm so excited, but starting to get a little nervous. So. Much. To. Do. I think I'm most excited about the nursery. I have the exact look in mind and I'm hoping it all comes together as beautiful as it is in my head. I will definitely be sharing the reveal once we are finished. 

I've spent the past 4 days battling a nasty cold, which is no fun on its own, but is really awful when you can't take anything for it. I had an immune system of steel pre-pregnancy. I haven't been sick in years so I feel like I'm being an extra large baby. Thank God for Mama's and husbands. They've taken the best care of me! Also, hot lemon + honey water is my new BFF.

Weight Gained: Y'all. I can't even believe I'm about to share this. I've gained 12 pounds. Which, apparently, is totally in the normal range for my height and weight (petite people tend to gain more weight) but, I almost cried when I stepped on the scale. It's also apparently normal to gain 5-10 pounds between weeks 15 and 20. I prefer to weigh myself randomly at home because I have all of these winter clothes on at the doctor and I don't know where I started by their scale. I know where I started by mine, and I have always weighed myself naked. However, if I could give any advice, it would be to throw away your scale. Take care of your baby and let the doctors worry about your weight. If you feel good and are eating well, that's all that should matter. And the scale will just make you feel like crap. To think, there was a time weeks ago where I was worried I wasn't gaining enough weight. It comes out of nowhere.

Symptoms: Still can't stop peeing, but I'm so used to it at this point. Swollen gums. Hips still hurt. My skin is starting to become itchy, mostly my back. I have some super cute spider veins on my lower back. I'm also starting to feel like my body is not my own at this point. I keep putting on clothes that are supposed to fit and they just don't. This belly and these boobs feel foreign to me. It's also just a feeling.

Movement: Still a little wild boy. He seems to respond really well to music. Especially R. Kelly and Ginuwine. Seriously, if you were to turn it away from R. Kelly he would stop. As soon as you start R. Kelly again, he starts going bananas. Definitely his Mama's boy. He also really loves Daddy's guitar playing, which warms my heart to the core. I have high hopes he'll get mine and Matt's love of music.

Food Aversions: Still Salmon.

Food Cravings: Chick Fil A sandwiches. Peanut butter + Chocolate, which I don't know if I can consider a craving because I always want it, I just don't feel like I have control over it now. Nutella. Which I've been combining with a half a cup of steel cut oats as an afternoon snack to make it a little more justifiable. (I precook a big batch to have for breakfast during the week.) Chef Salads from The Deli Korner in Spartanburg. They come with a dill dressing that I could drink straight from the bottle. You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. My sweet Mama is bringing me one as I write this.

Sleep: Still waking up at least six times a night in pain or about to pee myself. I do imagine that without the snoogle, this would all be much worse. Definitely a pregnancy must have, in my opinion.

Maternity Clothes?: None. Still living in leggings and oversized sweaters. I have found a few dresses I plan on ordering over the next few weeks from ASOS and Pink Blush Maternity.

Stretch Marks?: None yet, but still horrified. Already saving for laser surgery, just in case.

Miss Anything?: Still Ahi Tuna and Red Wine. More intense yoga. I got in a few treadmill walks and easy workouts/stretching before I got sick and they felt great. The walking and stretching especially help the hip pain. But I do wish I could really work up a sweat.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing new, but Matt's mom did buy him a couple onesies and sent us home with a few of Matt's from when he was a baby. She also bought him another small stuffed giraffe, that I found in the floor soaked with slobber. Cruise thought it was his toy. You can't really blame him, he has more stuffed animals than most kids I know.

Looking Forward To: Our 20 week appointment, of course! It's Monday and I'm seriously "nervited"! And our hospital tour on Tuesday. Also, not baby related but, our living room furniture is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I'm ridiculously excited! We've been living in our bottom level (our house is split level) on an old, awful, leather couch and large storage bins as a coffee table while we waited on our rug and furniture to move upstairs to our actual living room. Things are finally starting to come together in this house. It's a process!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 19 Weeks

 19 weeks pregnant, mommy blogger, spartanburg blogger, greenville blogger, upstate blogger, pregnancy style, maternity style, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, girl(ish), the girlish blog, amanda sumner
{Totally unedited photos, the stray hair is driving me nuts. Sweater is here, Leggings are here.}

I cannot believe I'm already 19 weeks in to this pregnancy! Getting pregnant, and even staying pregnant, has not been the easiest for us (a post I will also share soon!), so every little milestone makes me extra grateful. Now, I'm gonna be honest, although I am so extra grateful for our sweet baby, pregnancy is not my favorite. My mom, is one of those women who just loved being pregnant. Me? Not so much. I'm either starving or nauseous, constantly walking around feeling hungover, can't make it 20 minutes up the street without having to stop somewhere to pee, have developed carpel tunnel and an intolerance to lactose (yep, both caused by pregnancy), and would much rather sleep than move. And yes, all of this even in my second trimester. I really need to write a "things people don't tell you about pregnancy" post because some of it is just baffling. 

But even with all of that, on Christmas Eve, my sweet Sam started kicking me like a wild boy. I thought I felt him almost a week before but it was two tiny little flutters, this was for real. Since then, he's a constant kicker and mover and I couldn't love it anymore. With as constantly nervous as I am, it's such an anxiety relief for me to feel him and know he's having fun in there. I'm incredibly lucky to have started to feel him so early, and even more lucky that he kicks hard enough for Matt to feel and us to see. It really is the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.

[I'll be sharing the below survey each week to show our progress. I hope you enjoy!}

Weight Gained: I'm going to guess around 7 pounds. I checked about a week ago and it was 6 but I don't weigh myself too often.

Symptoms: Feeling Hungover. I clearly need to drink more water but OMG, I seriously better just set up a mattress in my bathroom and get ready to live in there until he gets here. (I had an overactive bladder pre-pregnancy, so you can imagine the fun I'm having!) Also some intense hip and round ligament pain. Oh and I'm STARVING. The hanger went away at around 12 weeks and has come back with a vengeance.

Movement: All day, every day. I feel like I'm going to have one wild little boy on my hands, and I'm totally okay with that!

Food Aversions: Salmon. It changes weekly but it's always something.

Food Cravings: Five star food. Haha, I don't know if that makes sense, but I only want good quality food. Steak, asparagus, and polenta is about all I can think of. And anything with truffle oil. Oh, and frosted mini wheats.

Sleep: What's that? At this point I'm used to waking up at least 6 times in the middle of the night. Between the overactive bladder and the hip pain, it's just no fun. Even with the beloved snoogle.

Maternity Clothes?: None. Still living in leggings and oversized sweaters. Also really grateful for having one pair of jeans that will button with a rubber band.

Stretch Marks?: None yet, but I'm horrified. I already have them on my hips, butt, and thighs. My belly is the only place without them, so I'm hoping it will stay pretty clear. I live in coconut oil.

Miss Anything?: Sushi! Ahi Tuna, specifically. Red Wine. Working Out. You think all these things about pregnancy until you actually get pregnant. I swore I would have a super fit pregnancy but seriously, now I'm laughing at myself. I was too dead the first trimester to even attempt working out and at this point the idea just makes me nervous. Walking also isn't fun because it's now ice cold outside. And my love for healthy eating has just recently returned. At some points it's either been eat a cheeseburger or starve. Real Talk.

Baby Items Purchased: I've purchased 3 books and one little pair of pants. Both sets of grandparents, however, are already going crazy. This kid already has enough clothes and stuffed giraffes to be a comfortable baby for a while!

Looking Forward To: Our 20 week appointment! Which is actually January 18 and closer to 21 weeks but, still so excited. Also, incredibly nervous as usual. I just can't wait to see our baby boy!

Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm baaack + girl(ish) update!

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 Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone's 2016 is starting off beautifully for you all. I feel like I have so much to say and I don't know where to begin. With a new year comes new goals and resolutions, and optimism for what's to come. I'm usually not a resolution kind of girl but this year I've decided to make a few to benefit my growing family and the changes we are about to experience. The further along I get in this pregnancy, the more my wants and goals are changing to include our sweet baby Sam, and the more they are geared towards keeping our marriage the number one priority through pregnancy and life after baby. 

With that said, my resolutions this year are to spend less money on clothes (gasp!) and frivolous things, and less time with my face in a computer or phone. I know, what does that mean for girl(ish)? Well, things are going to be a little different around here. I will still be posting regularly, but I do feel like the lifestyle is going to be more predominant than the fashion. I will still be sharing the new outfit posts, but obviously not as often. I will be sharing pregnancy and baby updates, life updates, fashion, home updates (coming soon!), and whatever comes up in this little life of mine.

I would love to hear your input at this point. What more do you want to see this year? Is there anything life, home, baby specific you want to see or know about? Please let me know. I have super high hopes for girl(ish) in 2016 and I would love for y'all to continue to follow along! 

P.S. Be on the lookout for my first pregnancy update in the next couple of days!

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