Monday, February 29, 2016

Currently Craving: Spring Brights

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one. // two. // three. (reversible!) // four. // five. (under $50!) // six. // seven. // eight. // nine.

This may sound a little shallow buuuut if you ask me, one of the hardest parts, or at least the most annoying part of pregnancy, is not being able to shop for normal clothes. My current wishlist is a mile long for my post baby wardrobe because I seriously cannot justify clothes shopping until then. 

I don't know what it is about this coming Spring, but I am obsessed with all things colorful, especially neons. Even if I'm unable to shop for these gorgeous cobalt blue pants, or this bright pink (and reversible) barcelona cami from Express, that doesn't mean I should be sand baggin' on y'all. So of course, I'm sharing my latest obsessions in hopes that they can bring you some sweet joy until they end up in my cloffice. I mean, I at least need both pairs of earrings in my jewelry box ASAP. Actually, I need all the pieces from J. Crew's new collection. 

Also, I'm considering this pair of blue Steve Madden's for my baby shower but I still can't decided on a dress so I'm a little on the fence. Until then, they'll hang out in my shopping cart along with the Rebecca Minkoff clutch. Can we all just send my husband a message right now and tell him it's a need? Anything that would make my soul happy is a need, right?!

I hope all of you lovelies have a wonderful week! Do some shopping for me, will ya?! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 26 Weeks

 I passed my glucose test! Praise Jesus! I don't know who started the rumor that it was the worst thing in the world but it seriously isn't. The drink tastes like a tiny bit sweeter version of Gatorade and it's really not a huge amount! Unfortunately, my hemoglobin is a little low so I have to start taking an iron supplement. Hopefully that will do the trick in resolving it before labor!

As far as everything else goes, pregnancy has been a dream this past week. No more sickness and I finally just feel good. I've even been able to workout a few times! If every other week had been this way, I would have been a much happier camper. Regardless, I'm just grateful for feeling well for a change! Praying it stays that way!

Weight Gained: 10 Pounds. Although it definitely feels like more. I swear my belly has doubled in size over the past week!
Symptoms: So much heartburn and acid reflux. Pregnancy heartburn is an entirely different level of discomfort. And I am starving. I could eat every hour right now! I've seriously never been so hungry in my life. I've also been waking up with a leg pain that I'm assuming are the leg cramps I've heard so much about.

Movement: You can't miss his little moves and rolls at this point! Lots of hard kicks! It's so much fun to watch! Cruise will lay on my belly and I think Sam thinks it's funny to kick him. And Cruise is trying to cover him up to steal his attention. The sibling rivalry already begins, haha!

Food Aversions: Still no Chipotle or Oreos.

Food Cravings: Oatmeal, strawberries, buffalo sauce, cake doughnuts and coffee. Coffee mostly! I could sit in a Starbucks just to smell it all day. You would think I was addicted! 

Sleep: That coffee craving is really ruining sleep. Mostly because I choose to have a cup at 2 in the afternoon and then stay up all night!

Maternity Clothes?: Nothing new. Trying to choose some dresses to get me through my third trimester right now!

Stretch Marks?: Still just the two I mentioned last week. Hoping it stays that way!

Miss Anything?: I would love to sit in a hot bath with an Olivia Pope size glass of red wine. I'll miss it until it happens.

Baby Items Purchased: We are slackers. I just finished registering. Being sick for so long will really set you back! At this point we will probably just wait until after my shower.

Looking Forward To: My baby shower!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

First Trimester Essentials

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Looking back on it, my first trimester actually wasn't terrible. Sure, I was so hungry I was nauseous most days, but it doesn't compare to my second trimester. I actually loved my first trimester. At that point, it's all so new and blissful that you really don't care how you feel. You're so exhausted but so happy at the same time; a sweet mixture of hormones and delirium. 

Even though it wasn't rough, I definitely had assistance. Today, I want to share with y'all my pregnancy must haves for the first trimester. These are things that, if I were to ever do this again, I would make sure to have on hand as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

1. Leggings. And not just any leggings, Zella Live In Leggings to be exact. Before we got pregnant, I purchased these in a size up knowing I would live in them as I got bigger. There is a lot of bloating in the first trimester, and while you can still wear your regular jeans, most of the time you'll want to be in leggings. And this pair will last you forever. Here I am at almost 26 weeks pregnant, still wearing these constantly.

2. Coconut Oil. Bathe in it, live in it. I strongly believe if you're going to get stretch marks, you're going to get them. I already have some on my hips and thighs from before I got pregnant so I know they are inevitable. Regardless, you should definitely be proactive and coconut oil is my moisturizer of choice. I love that it's all natural, it definitely prevents me from itching, and it's the only thing I could tolerate the smell of in my first trimester. 

3. Prenatal Vitamins. I've been taking them since we started trying to get pregnant and I've tried many different brands. The Target ones are the only brand that don't cause some weird side effect for me and don't make me sick. Just make sure to take them with food if possible.

4. Barf Bags. Ew, I know right? While I never had to actually use one, I always felt better knowing I had one on hand in case I needed it. I flew to San Antonio at 6 weeks pregnant and definitely felt much more at ease on the flight knowing that if necessary, I had these in my purse. If nothing else, they eased my anxiety about throwing up in public.

5. Young Living Peppermint Oil. I purchased the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit a month or so ago and while I didn't have this oil on hand my first trimester, I wish I did. Peppermint does a great job at putting off a queasy stomach and I would definitely consider it a "must have" my next time around.

6. Nutrition Bars. I was hangry my first trimester and if I didn't get something to eat as soon as I felt it coming, I was nauseous. I kept these Fig Bars in my purse on a regular basis and ate at least one every time I was away from my house. I buy them in bulk and still go through them fairly quickly.

7. Preggie Pops. These things are amazing. They seriously work if you just have a queasy stomach and need quick relief. I kept them in the car for emergencies and they saved me quite a few times. Just don't eat the lavender flavor. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to give a nauseous person something that tasted like perfume? Ew, I still can't.

8. Saltines. Because if you're anything like me, you will wake up nauseous/hungry in the middle of the night but you won't want to move. I kept these by the bed for those times and would just eat a couple, drink some water, and be able to go back to sleep.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 24 & 25 Weeks

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 So this original post was set to go live on Saturday and only be a 24 week update but, guess who caught the stomach bug I mentioned below? This girl. Y'all, that thing is NO JOKE. After being sick, I'm now a certified germaphobe constantly praying to Jesus to keep me well. BUT, I wanted to keep the info the same because most of it is still true and the irony is a little comical.

Hey hey hey. Guess who is on the mend?! I went back to the doctor Monday morning after a weekend of pure torture. Have you ever had a cough headache? Or pulled a round ligament? I had both and they are both awful. On top of everything I had already experienced being sick, the cough headache, and pulling the round ligament coughing, my sickness spread to my sinuses. I was at my wits end by the time I made it to the doctor Monday morning but luckily they finally gave me an antibiotic. That antibiotic has been a God send. I am finally starting to feel somewhat better and I'm so grateful. I mentioned it briefly on Instagram but being sick has been very eye opening for me. I'm definitely Phoebe's crazy happy boyfriend (played by Alec Baldwin) on Friends. These days it doesn't take much to make me happy and I hope I never forget to be grateful for good health. It's something we all take for granted so often that we forget it isn't guaranteed. Now as long as I don't catch this stomach bug my husband has brought into our house, we will be alright.

Weight Gained: As of Sunday I was only up 8 pounds but I'm hoping I've gained a little back. Maybe 10 now? Who would have though a little weight gain would make me happy? Pregnancy is strange, y'all.
Symptoms: Bleeding gums and acid reflux from the devil. Seriously, I constantly feel like my stomach is going to come out of my throat.

Movement: OMG. This baby is going to come out doing karate. I find myself saying "ouch" on a daily basis now and I'm in love. Matt felt a big one a few days ago and couldn't even believe that was Sam! Watching him is the best part. It's a totally different experience once you can actually see what he's doing in there.

Food Aversions: After the stomach virus, my love for Chipotle or anything similar has come to a hault. I also have no desire for an Oreo, which used to be one of my favorites!

Food Cravings: Healthy healthy health. Seriously all I want are fruits and vegetables. I think it's because I'm subconsciously trying to boost my immune system like it's my job. 

Sleep: Elevation makes sleep a much easier task but it goes back and forth. Some nights will be amazing and others I'll wake up feeling like I never actually fell asleep.

Maternity Clothes?: Just the jeans I mentioned last week. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to go on without purchasing a few shirts, though. I'm still struggling to justify spending money on clothes I will only be able to wear for a few more months.

Stretch Marks?: One or two that only I would notice. Some nice varicose veins are showing up in random places but, no big deal!

Miss Anything?: I don't think I'll stop saying red wine. Hot baths are something I seriously can't wait to experience again after he's born. Sleeping on my tummy.

Baby Items Purchased: Nada. But Sam's aunt Katy bought him some super cute onesies and a new book while we weren't feeling well. Every time I get a new onesie it makes me more excited to snuggle and smell this sweet baby boy. I seriously just can't wait to love on him.

Looking Forward To: Getting my glucose test over with on Monday and hopefully passing!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 22 & 23 Weeks

Really sorry for the crap quality iPhone photo. It's the only picture I've taken in weeks on one of the two days I've left the house. At least my outfit was cute?!

I won't lie y'all, it is a miracle I'm getting this post up. I know all you've seen are baby updates and that's mostly because it's all I have had the energy to post. And honestly, if they weren't something I knew I would want to look back on, they probably wouldn't be up either. I mean look at that picture, clearly I'm a little under the weather.

2 years, 2 rounds of fertility drugs, 1 miscarriage, and countless acupuncture appointments. That's how long it took Matt and I to get pregnant. For that reason, there are no words to describe how grateful I am for this pregnancy and our sweet Sam. We wished and prayed so hard for this, and not a day goes by where we aren't extra thankful to Jesus for allowing this to be our story. (A story that I will share in detail when I start to feel semi normal again.) I say this because my pregnancy has so far, been one of the most difficult trials I've had to endure. I've been sick for the entire year of 2016. A cold turned bronchitis, add in some more health problems and a strained muscle from coughing (from my left shoulder, down my back and into my entire rib cage) and some ridiculous days of fevers and coughing up stuff I wouldn't even want y'all to understand, and I'm still here, sick. Some days are better than others so I'm grateful for the good days, but I can't wait to have my wonderful pre-pregnancy immune system back. I haven't felt like myself in such a long time! I honestly don't know what I would do without Matt or my Mama. They've taken the best care of me and I'm so grateful! *Note: I don't usually like to share "negativity" on the blog but I do like to be honest and this is the real life update on my pregnancy right now.

Weight Gained: More like weight loss. Being so sick, I've lost a little weight but baby Sam is still growing so I'm okay with that. I'm not sure what the number is now but, I'm definitely making an effort to eat nutritiously and more often to put some of the weight back on.
Symptoms: My bladder is still overactive but I do think it's gotten a little better. I've been having some crazy dreams! Sometimes I actually wake up laughing because they make no sense. 

Movement: The best part of pregnancy! Sam kicks me all the time! And if he hasn't kicked me, all I have to do is lay my hand on my belly and most of the time he responds. It's the sweetest gift and my favorite thing in the world.

Food Aversions: EVERYTHING. I have the first trimester appetite again, but I do think it's from being so sick. If I find something I really want to eat, I chow down.

Food Cravings: Chipotle burrito bowls (I demolished one after church Sunday!), tuna salad, and white or yellow cake. The cake thing is super weird because I'm usually a chocolate girl! 

Sleep: Actually not terrible. The humidifier helps a ton, plus I'm so exhausted sleep comes pretty naturally.

Maternity Clothes?: YESSSSSS. I bought some maternity jeans from Haute Mama here in Spartanburg and they are the amazing. I don't think I'll ever want to wear regular jeans again. I should be dedicating a post to them as soon as I feel up to it.

Stretch Marks?: I think I see a tiny one or two showing up. I'm already to the point where I could care less, haha. Anything for this sweet baby boy!

Miss Anything?: Red wine and my super hero immune system.

Baby Items Purchased: Nada. I probably won't purchase too much until after our shower. Although, I'm dying to buy him a Home Tee onesie and Freshly Picked moccasins. Obsessed.

Looking Forward To: Finishing our registry! And my Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit that is currently out for delivery! :) Oh, and a decent date night with my baby Daddy. Come on sickness, I need you gone! 

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