Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 37-38 Weeks

 I almost didn't post an update this week. Mostly because I'm so anxious and exhausted the only thing I can think is "When is this baby coming OUT?!" Also because of the lack of new pregnancy photos. I don't look much different, so this one will have to do as a place holder. As of my doctor's appointment Monday I am between 2 and 3 centimeters dilated. I've had tons of almost symptoms and contractions but nothing consistent. My next appointment is this coming Monday and if Baby Sam hasn't made his way out yet, our doctor has allowed us to go ahead and schedule an induction if we want. It mainly just depends on what she says and how far dilated I am at that point. We shall see! I'm secretly hoping this is my last pregnancy update!
Weight Gained: 30 pounds, I think! Maybe 31? I can't remember.
Symptoms: Contractions, hip pain, lacking appetite (but I still have cravings and I'm still hungry!). I also had about 30 minutes of severe back pain yesterday that led me to believe I was in labor. Again, not consistent enough and it went away after about 45 minutes! 

Movement: A ton as usual. While he is still head down and ready to go, he has rolled over at some point. His knees were on my left side last week, but are now rolling on my right side and kicking my kidney. They are super obvious and I've even seen a foot come across my belly at this point. Crazy!
Food Aversions: Same as always. Sausage and plain chicken breasts.

Food Cravings: Dark chocolate, Mon Amie Blueberry Pancakes, Cereal. Yeah, nothing healthy. I cannot wait to have my love for healthy back! 

Sleep: I've actually had a few decent nights up until last night. I slept for 3.5 hours straight a few nights ago and it was glorious!

Maternity Clothes?: At this point, I'm good in this department and so over maternity clothes! (Same as last week!)

Stretch Marks?: Still just the few around my belly button but I have a feeling a few more may pop up after this baby gets here!
Miss Anything?: Exercise! Other than that I can't really complain right now!

Baby Items Purchased: Not a thing! I think we are all set! 

Looking Forward To: Holding this sweet baby in my arms! And an update at the doctor's office Monday if he hasn't made his debut.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My first (fur) Baby and my Hopes for him as a big brother

the girlish blog, girlish, amanda sumner, mom blog, family blog, adjusting dog to new baby

the girlish blog, girlish, amanda sumner, mom blog, family blog, adjusting dog to new baby

the girlish blog, girlish, amanda sumner, mom blog, family blog, adjusting dog to new baby
{Photos from our 2014 Anniversary Shoot! Photography by Candace & Josh Spencer - Lotus Creative Studios}
the girlish blog, girlish, amanda sumner, mom blog, family blog, adjusting dog to new baby
 {His favorite spot in the nursery! Also: Excuse the wrinkled crib skirt. My sweet husband put it on before I could iron it! It's on my to do list. }

For the past few days, Cruise has been acting a little differently. He's a Mama's boy and is usually following me everywhere or snuggled up beside me. He's even been more clingy since I became pregnant. But not lately. He'll constantly stare at me, but he won't come to me when I call him, he's mopey, and he won't even sleep in our bed. (Seriously, the kid loves to sleep in the bed!) Matt has joked with me that once Sam was born he would get his dog back (years ago, he was a Daddy's boy) so he's been loving that all of the lack of cuddles I've been getting, are going straight to him!

My biggest fear with having a baby has been how Cruise will take it. The last thing I want is for him to feel sad or left out. It would seriously break my heart! He turns eight years old next week, but to us he is our baby. He has no idea he isn't human, and he's always been the only "child". He's completely spoiled (with so much love!) and I just don't want him to be hurt. We've prepared him in every way we know how and we don't restrict him from anything regarding Sam or his nursery, except chewing his stuffed animals. Although I know there will be a time when they are sharing everything and I honestly cannot wait! I just pray it's enough.

My hope and prayer is that he always remembers that he was our first baby, and that we love him unconditionally no matter what. We will honestly make our best efforts to give him the most love and attention we possibly can. I pray that he will love his baby brother and protect him the way he does his Mama and Daddy. I have this vision of play time and sweet cuddles for these two, and even a vision of bruises and ear pulling, and my heart can only hope and pray that these visions come to life through brotherly love.

At the doctor on Monday, we found out that I am one centimeter dilated with a very thin cervix. (Yay!) Is that TMI? Whoops, hope not. Anyway, we are thinking (and I'm hoping) that he is just sensing the changes about to happen and that's what's causing the change in his attitude. He truly is the sweetest baby boy and deep down we are only hoping he'll be just as sweet to his little brother as things start to change. Does anyone have any advice as we make the adjustment? Any tips to make this a little easier on him (and us) would be greatly appreciated! 

P.S. For more Cruise photos, make sure you're following me on Instagram (@amanda_sumner_)! I'm kind of obsessed with him, obviously.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sweet Baby Sam: 35-36 Weeks


 Crocheted Cut-In Cami Maxi Dress: Express {Not Maternity!} | Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop: Nordstrom

You know you're pregnant when you go on a date night with your husband and A.) are willing to pay for valet parking so you don't have to walk too far. B.) Your husband has made the reservation and when you walk in the hostess says "a table near the restroom, correct?" C.) You cry in the middle of dinner because of the song playing in the restaurant. and D.) You leave Chocolate Moose with three cupcakes because you just couldn't choose and you know this will be the only time people don't judge. Not even a little shame.

Also, pregnancy brain is a real thing. These photos were supposed to be taken with our DSLR but I forgot the memory card. So, iPhone had to do because I refused to go back home. It was a miracle my hair and makeup was done, so I wanted to get a few regardless!

Weight Gained: 27 Pounds and I'm feelin it.
Symptoms: I'm officially in the uncomfortable state of pregnancy. I'm in "pre labor" (not to be confused with pre term labor) meaning I have symptoms of impending labor. It could be a week or four, but these contractions aren't playin! Basically every time I stand or walk at all, I'm having a contraction. Luckily, they still slow down/stop when I rest, so no need to worry yet! Also, kidney pain, swollen hands and feet, exhaustion, hangry, and super intense hip pain at night.

Movement: My body is sweet Sam's punching bag at this point. I've heard people say movement slowed down or they felt it less at this point, but not with this boy! I also feel his head twisting and getting into position which is a tad uncomfortable and definitely feels a bit strange! I'm trying my best to soak in all the sweet movements I can!
Food Aversions: Same as always. Sausage and plain chicken breasts.

Food Cravings: Ben and Jerry's "The Tonight Dough". I should be ashamed at the amount of pints I've demolished in the past week but I'm just not. It's seriously all I've wanted to eat! And bagels with honey nut cream cheese!

Sleep: I wish I could give y'all the same look I give me husband when he wakes up and asks "How'd you sleep?" Yeah.... I didn't.

Maternity Clothes?: At this point, I'm good in this department and so over maternity clothes!

Stretch Marks?: A few teeny tiny ones have popped up around my belly button. I'm not a fan, but it is what it is.
Miss Anything?: The ability to walk and not waddle, haha. Contraction free days and a good nights sleep!

Baby Items Purchased: Basically everything in Carter's that we didn't already own and liked, bath products from Tubby Todd, and some Young Living Gentle Baby essential oil. We also had a diaper party over the weekend and are so grateful for all of the diapers our sweet friends brought us!

Looking Forward To: Having my cervix checked for dilation Monday. Or at least the answer from it, haha!

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