Friday, September 30, 2016

Mama Musings + Recent Purchases

{At baby Sam's 4 month check up. Excuse the look. This Mama was tired.}

  Matt has always said I should write my dreams down. He thinks they're so crazy they would make an interesting compilation of short stories. While that's still true, maybe even more so now that I'm woken up by fiery mad screams all throughout the night, I think the thoughts that go through my mind each day are just as crazy. In a 24 hour period, I recorded all of this insanity in the notes on my phone. All I can say is you're welcome. And if you're a Mama, clearly you're not alone. We've all lost it.

"Thank Jesus for an overactive bladder medication that finally works, allowing me to drink the 3 cups of coffee I need to stay alive, rather than the 3 sips I was able to have before. Ain't no Mama got time for frequent trips to the potty. My urologist is the"

"Whys is baby sleep so elusive?! Where is a genie with my 3 wishes when I need him?! Sleep. Sleep. More sleep."

Having a baby on Nutramigen that is constantly refusing to eat, makes you realize how stingy you actually are. You can't help but die a little inside over every wasted ounce. "That was 39 cents! Kid's breaking me."

"Hiccups are the devil that come to ruin nap time."

"Jesus take the wheel."
"Did I brush my teeth today? When's the last time I washed my hair? God bless my husband for still loving me."
"WHY does this baby insist on banging his head on the side of the crib like he's at a rock concert?! At least he's in there."
"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog." Seriously? This is the "diggity" stuck in my head?! Sorry blackstreet. I've betrayed you.

"Baby dry diapers? You lie, Pampers. You lie."

"Do we really like these pajamas enough to wash the poop off of them or do we trash them? Yeah, trash em'."

ALSO on my mind. "Man I have so many looks to shoot. Will I ever have the time?! Probably not." And for that reason I have included a ton of my fall purchases in the widget below. I do still plan on shooting some Fall looks for y'all tomorrow, but if I've learned anything as a Mom, it's that planning is impossible and my 4 month old is my boss. The kid always wins. And I'm so okay with that. It goes by too fast Mamas. Soak it in, I cannot believe I no longer have a newborn. Now excuse me while I go cry into my coffee.

Monday, September 5, 2016

...3 Months Later

 Whew. I can't tell you how nice it feels for my fingers to hit an actual keyboard. Trying to overlook the tiny little detail that I haven't had time to cut my nails in I don't know how long so they're driving me a little bananas. I'm not even sure what I want to write, except for "yes, I'm still alive!" 

Being Sam's Mama has been the most rewarding, and the most exhausting title I've ever carried. He is the most beautiful and happy baby, but he has also been very high needs. We've had lots of issues with silent reflux and tummy problems that meant he needed to be comforted quite often. Turn that comfort into a sleep association and what do you get? A baby that cannot nap without being held by Mama, that wakes up at 4am and wants to be held until 8am, leaving me with very little time to get any sort of work done. 

Thankfully, baby Sam is on the mend. We are finally getting his reflux under control and are finally to the point where I can start leaving him a little more and maybe even attempting a little sleep training here soon. We will see!

Speaking of baby Sam, how handsome is he?! So often I find myself staring at him thinking "I can't believe you're mine!" He's so full of personality and even at 3 months, he definitely keeps us on our toes. He giggles at everything, rolls over from both sides like a maniac, and I swear he's already a baby genius. But, doesn't every Mom think that about their baby? Either way, he's perfect to me and being his Mama has been the greatest pleasure Jesus has ever allowed me. {For more baby Sam, his monthly updates are on my Instagram!}

All this being said, I do plan on getting girl(ish) back up and running over the next few weeks. I love blogging, and especially now that I have Sam, I want to document so much of our life with him. I plan on posting more fashion of course, but girl(ish) will also focus a lot more on our daily lives as a family of three (four with Cruise!). You'll see things like day in the life posts, faith based posts, recipes, parenting, marriage, etc. I would love your ideas. If there is something you would like to see, please let me know. Also, if you're local and would like to participate in a focus group over the next month or so, please contact me via email.

Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck around and will continue to read and subscribe to girl(ish). Your love and support means more to me than you will ever know.

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