Friday, October 20, 2017

Birthday Dress - I turn 30 today!

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fall floral dress, girl(ish), the girlish blog, amanda sumner, fall outfit 2017, fall fashion 2017

fall floral dress, girl(ish), the girlish blog, amanda sumner, fall outfit 2017, fall fashion 2017

fall floral dress, girl(ish), the girlish blog, amanda sumner, fall outfit 2017, fall fashion 2017

shop hilarys bucket list dress
Shop Hilary's Bucket List Dress | Steve Madden Carrson Sandal

I turn 30 today. I'm not sure how that happened so quickly. Wasn't I just 21? Celebrating my birthday with Pint Nights and all nighters? How did this happen so quickly?! As much as I've been dreading it (and I'm not gonna lie, I have), I'm so grateful to be here. To be 30. To be celebrating with the loves of my life, my precious boys. I packed a LOT into my twenties. I went from being a young adult who had no clue what she was doing or where she was going (or where she was going to live the majority of the time), to becoming a wife, mother, and someone who is finally start to figure out who she is. Though full of drama, I also made the best memories.

Memories including living with my BFF for a few of those years and having the time of our young lives. Spending way too much time day drinking on our front steps and gossiping like it was our JOBS. Said roommate introducing me to my husband. Living with my him long before it was acceptable and watching him karaoke Elvira and Strokin on our nights out like it was always acceptable. It never was, btw. Haha! Falling in love with him and dreaming and planning our future with him are the best memories. Oh, and so. many. dance parties. 

Then getting engaged and married, moving a gagillion times, starting this blog, and most importantly, welcoming our precious miracle rainbow into our lives. A lot of things are different these days, but there's no memory I would change. I loved my twenties. They were crazy, but they all lead me to the best thing about turning thirty. Wanna know what that is? I have the privilege of walking into this decade from the very beginning, with my boys. And I can't wait to watch some of the dreams we shared in our twenties, come to fruition in our thirties!

I'm so thankful to Jesus for this sweet little life and all of the amazing people he has brought into it. I'm about to dominate thirty, and I'm so thankful I don't have to do it alone. People are everything, y'all. I love my people. 

Of course I can't leave without mentioning this gorgeous floral dress. All the heart eyes, y'all. The gold button detail is probably my favorite part. Unfortunately it's sold out in all sizes but large but I'm hoping for a restock! I wish I could have shared it earlier! 

But seriously, what better dress to celebrate your birthday? Comin' for ya, thirty. Flirty {with my husband!} and FABULOUS. Deuces, twenties.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Must have Leggings for Fall Under $60!

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stripe shirt, leopard scarf, zella live in leggings, over the knee boots

stripe shirt, leopard scarf, zella live in leggings, over the knee boots

stripe shirt, leopard scarf, the girlish blog, amanda sumner, fall fashion 2017

stripe shirt, leopard scarf, the girlish blog, amanda sumner, fall fashion 2017
Nordstrom BP Stripe Shirt | Zella Live In Leggings | OTK Boots {Old, Identical here} | Leopard Scarf {Old, similar here!}

In my "Top 10 favorite things about Fall" list, you'll find leggings. Everyone says "Yay, sweater weather!" and I'm over here like "But don't forget about the leggings!". I live for leggings weather! More specifically, the Zella Live In Leggings. These have been my favorite for years and have been with me through life before, during, and after pregnancy, without having to change sizes. They're high waisted so they suck you in in all the right places and never ride down. I'm serious when I say, they're my holy grail leggings. This shirt is the perfect shirt for leggings! It's super long and runs a little big so I would definitely size down. I really love it for layering and front tucking into jeans as well. It also comes in several more colors and for $19 it is totally worth picking up more than one!

My brain is fried, y'all. I've been staring at this half written screen and blinking cursor for longer than I'd like to admit. Motherhood is kicking my tush this week and the fact that I'm turning 30 in two days has me in a tizzy. I'll be back to share my thoughts on that + a GORGEOUS floral dress under $55 on Friday. Half way there, friends!

P.S. Please excuse all the extra hair frizz in these photos. I shot 5 looks in the misting rain so you might have to stare at it for a few more blog posts. Sorry, y'all!

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Most Versatile Neutral Sweater + Toddler Mama Encouragement

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Express Oversized Neutral Sweater | Express Distressed White Denim | Gianni Bini Leopard Heels {old, similar with the CUTEST block heel here}

This. Sweater. Is. EVERYTHING for Fall. I love pink and yellow just as much as the next fashion blogger but neutrals have my heart. I'm so obsessed with this sweater because you can wear it so many different ways. Front or side tucked, off the shoulder with or without a bralette, with the sleeves rolled up, with a button up high neck tee underneath, just to name FIVE. I really love it with black distressed denim, too. It's seriously so versatile! It also comes in three more colors and I'm having a hard time not adding the "pollen" one to my colorful collection. Let's be real, I have zero self control.

I'm not gonna lie y'all, this weekend was rough. We are in the throws of temper tantrums with Sam and if this stage is any indication as to what the terrible two's are like, were going to be in trouble. I touched base on this on insta stories on Friday, but while Sam is quite possibly the sweetest boy I've ever known, he also has a pretty legit temper. He likes to know how to do things and be able to do them well, and when he doesn't or he loses control in a situation, he breaks down. I wonder where he gets it from?! Haha. Being that he NEVER cried as a baby, this is a big change for our family. And for my anxiety. The kid ended up on the floor in at least four different stores this weekend. He's lucky he's so cute, haha.

I came across this article on Motherly today, titled "Two year olds aren't terrible, they're just learning how to be human" and man did my heart need it. This excerpt particularly stuck with me:

"What I mean by success is this: a person who feels confident to explore the world around him with excitement and curiosity, who is not afraid to make mistakes, who feels secure enough to begin to make friends, and who feels well-adjusted enough to bounce back when she is disappointed. A person who can handle life is motivated to learn, stands up for herself, and cares about others."

 I try my HARDEST to take a gentle approach to parenting. I capitalize that because it can be HARD not to lose my cool in these situations, especially because I'm someone who struggles with anxiety and control issues. I like to give Sam free rein to learn. He makes a lot of messes because of it but it's also great for him to be as independent and as hands on as he wants to be. I also believe that it has helped him establish a relationship of trust with me. If you're parenting is similar, I think what we have to remember is that if we're giving them free rein to explore and learn (in a safe environment), the same thing should be done for exploring and learning how to deal with their emotions. Simply telling them their behavior is inappropriate or expecting them to behave like adults isn't allowing them to navigate their emotions. It also isn't realistic because duh, their brand new toddlers. I mean, didn't my child just enter the world yesterday?! We need to empathize with them, and give them a safe space as their parents to allow them to express their feelings and then calmly teach them that it's okay to feel that way and give them alternative ways to express them on their level.

I know it's hard, Mamas. Sometimes I don't know if I can survive and the toddler years are definitely going to make me question having more children, haha. I text my BFF and fellow toddler Mama daily like "HOW do we do this?!" But it's so worth it. Every single time Sam's eyes light up when I turn a corner into the room, and with every hug, kiss, and "Mama", I'm reminded that this time is sweet and fleeting and I'm so grateful. He loves me and trusts me more than anything in the world. Not only is that my greatest responibilty, but it's also the sweetest gift. There's a last time for everything, so cherish every single precious moment you get with your tiny humans. They're only tiny for so long.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall Fun At Johnson Farms + Life Lately with Sam

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On Me: Nordstrom BP Top | Black Express Distressed Denim | Leopard Sneakers: Old, Similar here

This boy, y'all. He melts me. Matt and I have had the best time watching him enjoy the fun things the season of Fall has to offer. Last weekend, we made a trip to Inman, SC to visit Johnson Farms for some pumpkin picking. Watching the joy Sam experiences when he visits somewhere new or learns a new word or trick, is the sweetest reminder of why I became a Mama. He loved everything. From the decorations and apples to purchase, to the pumpkins and gem mine, he was in awe. Not to our surprise though, his favorite thing actually ended up being the pumpkin patch. And as much as he loved picking up pumpkins, it was the dirt and rocks that he was able to sink his hands in that made his heart happy.

He's changing every day and I just want to bottle up every memory so that I never forget the sweetness that comes with each stage. The way he says please {"peeee"} and lights up with pride when you praise him for it melts my soul. When I walk into a room after being gone for longer than a minute, that same sweet prideful smile shows up on his face. He's still a Mama's boy through and though and it's everything I ever wished for. He loves babies and small children making it hard for me to put off having another one. He calls them "bee" instead of baby, the same way he does when he sees a picture of himself on my phone. It drives me crazy when he dumps out every bag of snacks I give him because prefers to eat them off the floor. Be careful if he ever offers you a bite because it's probably a soggy one that's already been in his mouth. Refuse to choke it down and you will absolutely break his heart.

I adore the way he scrunches up his nose when he smiles or he's being sneaky. The sound of his tiny footsteps hitting the hardwoods as he runs in circles reminds me to be grateful to Jesus for the miracle that he truly is. I say it repeatedly, but he truly is a dream come true. I live for this kid, y'all, and I wouldn't change that for anything.

*Keep scrolling for more of our favorite shots from the trip. Clearly, we adore this kid. His Daddy is the best photographer!


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the girlish blog


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Trend To Love: Velvet Mini Skirts

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express velvet mini skirt

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how to style a velvet mini skirt
Nordstrom BP Sweater | Express Velvet Mini Skirt | Steve Madden Sandals

Wanna know how to make a mini skirt look more casual instead of like you're going out on the town? Add a fun sweater to it! Mini skirts have always been intimidating to me because seriously, where the heck would I wear them? That's been my thought until now. I fell in love with this skirt the moment it arrived in the mail and I already have a few more in my cart. I love the velvet trend and I'm also really digging this leather one, too. Btw, my skirt comes in a light pink too, which I think would be just as perfect with this sweater!

Okay friends, I need help! I'm trying to decide where to take a 17 month old trick or treating and what to dress him up as. Do I take him to a neighborhood or are trunk or treats more fun? Right now we're considering dressing all of us up as Paw Patrol characters with him as Marshall. Wagon turned Fire Truck included. Anyone know where I can get a Paw Patrol costume in 18 months?! I think this is going to have to be a  DIY thing. Clearly, I'm a rookie.

I have officially started working out again and I'm curious, would anyone want to see some fitness Friday posts? Progress, athleisure outfits, supplements, what I'm actually doing, etc.? Leave me a comment here or on my recent social media posts letting me know your thoughts. We're headed to take Sam to the petting zoo at the fair later, so I won't be including the bites of funnel cake in those types of posts, haha. 

P.S. I shared ten facts you may not know about me on my Instagram yesterday so be sure to check it out! Have a great day!


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