Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sam's Easter Basket Fillers

I cannot even begin to put into words how thrilled I am to put together Sam's first Easter basket. I know it seems trivial, but it's something I've dreamed of doing since before he was born. I love celebrating holidays. Easter is one of my favorites, and being a Mom makes those little celebrations so much sweeter. Playing Easter bunny, Santa, and whoever else comes my way, is the most fun!

I know it can be difficult to come up with non-candy items for baskets, especially for babies, so I wanted to share what we intend on filling Sam's with. Most of these items are super accessible and can be picked up from your local Target. Let's be honest, at this stage of life if it doesn't come from Target, I'm probably not buying it. 

I picked up the sippy cup and the swim trunks recently and they're probably my favorite fillers! If you know me at all, you know I'm pineapple obsessed and these swim trunks were only $10! And I think the cup was like $4? The bunny ears are just too precious and I know Sam will love it. Give him a straw cup filled with water and he's a happy camper.

 Have y'all heard of The Teething Egg? It keeps popping up on my Facebook and Instagram with rave reviews so I thought we would try it out. Sam has 6 or 7 teeth, I'm unsure because he refuses to let me look most days, but he always has something in his mouth. A paci, a tooth brush, the dog's chew toy, dirt, you name it. Being that this is an egg, it couldn't be a more perfect addition for a babies basket.

 And what Easter basket is complete without a special book? I have about five in my amazon cart right now that I'm struggling to choose from. Although I love the idea of Easter baskets and decor, its really important to me to teach Sam the true story of Easter. Books like this one are the perfect opportunity for us to teach our babies about our love for Jesus and His love and sacrifice for us. Any opportunity to start a conversation about Him, is a good one.

 I hope everyone enjoys their day! Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Instagram Love: Favorite Small Shops for Boy Babes

baby boy half birthday crown

baby boy fashion

baby boy bow tie and suspenders

little mister outfit

baby boy style
 Half Birthday Crown: Little Blue Olive | Baby Denim: Hudson | Bow tie and Suspender Set: Little Mister | Moccasins: Freshly Picked | Photography by: Amanda Morgan Photography

A question I get quite often from friends and readers is "where do you buy all of Sam's clothes?!". Shopping for baby boys can be frustrating. I'm not a huge fan of baby blue or sports or even smocked outfits for boys. Gasp, I know but sometimes all a smocked outfit does is make a boy look feminine and Sam already gets mistaken for a girl half of the time. It even happened today during our ice cream date. While his entirely navy and turquoise outfit is drenched in vanilla, someone says "Oh, she looks like she's enjoying that." We also get "He's just 'too pretty' to be a boy." quite often. Psh, another topic for another day.

Anyway, back to my rant. Boy shopping is hard. Even though my husband's style can mostly be described as a "seersuckin' Brooks Brother", mine is a little more on the edgy style, so I like to incorporate the two in Sam's style. Seersucker shorts + a graphic tee, for example. We also love our moccasins and accessories. That's where Instagram small shops come in. I wanted to share a few of our favorites + some of the items we are currently coveting.

Freshly Picked. Okay so maybe not so "small" anymore, but I used to dream of the day I would have a little babe to dress in these moccasins. The first wearable item I ever purchased for Sam was a pair of crib moccs in "weathered brown". They make great gifts and are the perfect memory keepers. There are a lot of "dupes" out there, but you really can't beat the quality or the customer service of Freshly Picked. They're also constantly coming out with new styles, so there's something for everyone. They're the only shoes Sam has ever worn.

Trilogy Design Co. Our favorite graphic tees! Sam currently wears this tee constantly and he lived in the rompers in the Winter. We also love the "Naps suck" (because to Sam they do!) and the "sicker than your average" tee because Mama loves her some B.I.G. No shame, yall. None.

Imperishable Clothing Co. Starting conversations about Jesus with out favorite t-shirts. Enough Said!

Noxx Beanies. Y'allllll. There's something so stylish about a baby in a beanie and we love these. They release new styles constantly and I haven't seen one I didn't immediately become obsessed with. The green stripe camo is our current fav!

Rags to Raches. OMG. There is no cuter or easier to get on and off romper out there! We love our RAGS!

Baby Breez. Sam lives in his Pj's, mostly because he refuses to nap in regular clothes, so it's just easier to keep him in them until after his last nap of the day. These rompers are a dream because they are easily converted to sleeper by pulling the foot cuffs over them. I wish we would have found them sooner!

Little Mister. Our favorite suspenders and bow ties! I plan on ordering a new bow tie for Easter and currently can't decide between the "white roses" or the "navy roses". Oh the struggle!

More Favorites:

Modern Burlap
Tribe is Alive
George Hats
Savage Seeds
Tubby Todd
Little Blue Olive

P.S. Not a small shop, but I do love Cat and Jack for Target. Sam is in the phase where he's CONSTANTLY dirty. He's all boy! So $5 for a super cute t-shirt is right up our alley.

P.P.S. Most of these shops carry little girls clothing as well and I'm just as obsessed with most of it!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The day I recommitted my heart to Jesus

 (Because what's a blog post without photos. Sams half birthday in November up top and his Valentine shoot on bottom. He turned NINE months on Monday, y'all. Photos by Amanda Morgan Photography)

This morning, for the first time in only God knows how long, I opened my church app and read the devotional. As I began my closing prayers, per usual, I felt Jesus' presence tugging on my heart so strongly that I felt compelled to re submit myself and give my life to Him. For months, even with all of the goodness I'm surrounded by, my heart has been in all the wrong places and doubt has been so prevalent in my mind. These are two things only Jesus and my husband have been fully aware of, but it has been so apparent in my behavior and choices to shut out some of the people I love the most.

During my stent with postpartum depression, I let the devil take over completely. I fully comprehend that what I was going through was hormonal, but it was also completely real and debilitating and at a time when I should have leaned on Jesus, my family, and community, I turned to doubt and completely lost all of my faith. What I didn't realize at the time, is even in the moments where I was refusing to get down on my knees to pray, Jesus was still holding my hand and whispering words to my heart that would ultimately save me, the way that He always has. 

Friends, I've never been one to shy away from my faith, so the lack thereof was something I never thought I would admit to. I'm sharing because I want to be completely transparent. I want you to know that if you are going through a similar season in your life, you are not alone. You have a good Father who gives good gifts and who loves you even in your darkest days of doubt. If you listen closely, He is still with you, and He will never give up on you.

Today, March 1st, I recommitted my entire life to Jesus Christ. He is and has always been my Lord and Savior. It may not be the first time, but it is the most meaninful step I've taken in my long walk with Him and I encourage you, friends, to look for what your next step is. Do you need healing? I know I do and I also know He is there waiting for you, the same way He was for me, if you will only open your heart to him. 

P.S. I want my readers to know that I will never try to push my faith or beliefs on you. I'm simply sharing what I believe and what I love. I got an email not too long ago informing me that my domain was about to expire and it was a sweet little reminder that I'm not ready to say goodbye to girl(ish) just yet. I have so much love for you all and I'm so grateful for you.

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