Monday, April 3, 2017

Not "just" a Mom?

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Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm coming off of 3 night wakings and one less cup of coffee than I prefer, but we're still going strong this morning. We had a jam packed weekend full of family dates downtown (with excessive amounts of ice cream) and a group sushi date (sans baby) with friends last night. Exhausted and with a full heart is the best way to come at a Monday in the Sumner house.

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Thanks to my Mom and Matt, I was actually able to get fully dressed for dinner last night. Most days I choose one thing to accomplish, either hair or makeup. I need one of the two to make me feel somewhat put together. If I walk around a hot mess, my day is sure to follow suit. Having the time to do both these days is a privilege. Anyway, feelin a little extra, I snapped a selfie for insta stories with the caption "Group date night. Almost hastagged '#notjustamom' but let's be real I'm dying inside missing my child and we just left." And that's true, last night was the first night anyone has babysat Sam for bedtime since he was super tiny and I honestly just missed being home and snuggling my baby before I put him to bed. His night time bottle is basically the only time he's still and cuddly, so I don't love to miss it. Truthfully, I would always prefer to take Sam anywhere unless it's a one on one date night. He has fun when he's out and we really enjoy the time with him.

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 Back to my point. The more I thought about it, the more my caption started to bother me. "Not just a Mom?" Seriously? Who do you know that's just a Mom? There's nothing simple or "just" about it. It's not for the weak or faint of heart and it surely isn't a job title that should make a woman feel that way. A post that has been floating around my social media titled "What if All I want is a Mediocre Life?" and Courtney's piggy back off of it got me thinking about it even more.

  When did simplicity become insufficient? When did being "just" a Mom become something to be frowned upon? It's a beautiful thing when a woman has the career of her dreams on top of being a mother, but it's just as beautiful if the career of her dreams is her own personal caption as a Mother. I grew up knowing I was born for this, being a Mom. I still have dreams of my own, but most of them are dreamed up with my family in mind. If being "just" a caregiver, a problem solver, a snuggler, a boo boo kisser, a feeder, a changer, a hugger, a cleaner, a cook, is everything I ever am, and if loving my family unconditionally is all I ever do, I'll never look back on my life feeling like it wasn't enough. More often than not, isn't that what most people end up wishing for? More time with the people they love? I want my life to revolve around the time spent with the people I'm so privileged to live my best life with and for. I'm not "just" a Mom. I'm Sam's Mama, and Matt's wife. Those titles are simply beautiful and they're everything I've ever wished for.

You, Mama, are enough. Every single day, and even when you are wishing for more, you are everything to someone. And today I pray you'll never forget it.

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